AIA Anniversary, AAI Indonesia Strengthen Relationship

News Image - AIA 20th Anniversary

Jakarta, 15 July 2016 – PT AIA Financial (AIA) celebrates the 20th anniversary today. This is the proof of AIA track record in delivering the best products and services for their customers in Indonesia. This achievement resulted by strong commitment of their employees in providing high level service quality.

“We want to position AIA is unique, focusing on services, and understanding the requirement of the customer differently,” wishes Carol Quertier, AIA COO.

In providing services to its customers, AIA cooperates with PT AAI Indonesia Indonesia (AAI Indonesia) as third party company. AAI Indonesia operates since 2008 in Indonesia.

This AIA and AAI Indonesia cooperations in providing services to its customers, especially in medical claims and medical evacuation services. It is started from 2014. The scope of services to AIA customers for national and international coverage.

AAI Indonesia CMO, Eki Widiansyah said, “AIA is one of the significant partner in insurance industry. We are committed to continually support AIA to deliver the best services to its customers.”

AAI Indonesia wishes, “Happy 20th Anniversary AIA, Achieves More!”


About AAI Indonesia

PT AA International Indonesia (AAI Indonesia) is an assistance company and a core partner of International Assistance Group (IAG) in Indonesia. IAG consist of 60 Partners, Preffered Providers, and 61 Alarm Center for medical and roadside assistance worldwide that provide various scopes of assistance in more than 180 countries and partnered with more than 15,000 medical facilities in the world.

AAI Indonesia established in Jakarta at 19th December 2007, committed to deliver value added in terms of comfort and safety to its clients and members. We ensured all the members receive responsive and appropriate assistance. From its founded, AAI Indonesia are focusing in delivering professional and first class services in every operational activities, local and abroad. Since the first year, International Medical Assistance (IMA), Third Party Assistance (TPA), dan Administrative Service Only (ASO) become the three main services of AAI Indonesia and enhance its reputation as a prominent assistance company in Indonesia.

At the end of 2015, AAI Indonesia supported by 120 dedicated employees and partnered with more than 1,400 medical and 500 non-medical facilities locally, managed more than 1,000 international medical claims and up to 250,000 domestic medical claims per annum.

For more information, contact Corporate Communication:

Andre Yoginata

+62 21 2927 9600