Indonesia’s 71st Independence Day, AA International Rewarded Real Work

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-22 at 9.53.25 AMJakarta – In a moment of Indonesia’s 71st Independence Day, the main theme used this year are part of the series theme from last year. The main theme for this year is “Indonesia Kerja Nyata” or Real Work of Indonesia. The purpose of the theme is showing the commitment of the government in doing real work to promote Indonesia. Through this theme, the government are inviting all the Indonesian to bring the country forward together.

PT AA International Indonesia (AA International) as a company founded in Indonesia were took part in celebrating this special annual moment. The celebration held in 16 August 2016 in the office located at Tifa Building, Jalan Kuningan Barat Dalam, Jakarta. The white and red color reflected in all the three floors decoration enlivened the celebration event. And all the employees together worn red or white that day.

In the evening, all the employees gathered in sixth floor. AA International Human Resources Department Head packed the event with the moment of rewarding The Best Achievement Employees, for the one that continually delivered their best performance and for the Employee of The Month reward. All the rewards based on valuation and evaluation in first mid of 2016.

Brandon Heng, CEO of AA International was took a part to give the biggest reward to the best achievement employee, the one achieved in the first mid of this year. The value of each rewards were quite big. This will motivate the winners to maintain their achievements and motivate others to give better and real work.

Currently, AA International is having 120 dedicated employees in delivering the assistance services in medical administration, medical evacuation, roadside assistance, and other services to the members. The front line people named Alarm Center are ready for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. AA International also supported by many medical providers in the world, to manage domestic and overseas medical claims.

In the moment of Indonesia Independence Day and to achieve the company vision to be the first choice of international assistance company in Indonesia, AA International always committed to deliver the best service among their members and took part in promoting Indonesia. (/AY)